Looking for a comprehensive marketing solution for your company’s grand opening party? Fresco Photo Booths has the answer. Your celebration will be the talk of the town for years to come.

When your business is just breaking ground, it’s your main priority to attract new customers and keep them coming back. With one of our modern, stylish open-air photo booths at your grand opening, you’re off to a great start. Once your guests step into the booth, they become your brand ambassador, sharing your custom designed photo strip online and in person. Our customizable prop box will keep the smiles coming from all over town.

No matter the business or the size of your event, Fresco Photo Booths has a tailored grand opening package just for you. Every package includes:

  • Professional setup, take-down, and assistance from a friendly photo booth attendant
  • Custom photo strips, including your logo and branding
  • A themed prop box to match your message
  • A link to all photo booth photos after the event for online sharing

And so much more.

Boost your brand’s visibility from the start with Fresco Photo Booths. Your guests will keep your name with them wherever they go – and with all the joy you’ve given them, they’re sure to come back for more. Call us at 321-234-7427 to learn more or to book your photo booth today.

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